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You can expect that:

  • Your grief may take longer than most people think it should.
  • Your grief will take more energy than you expected.
  • Your grief will involve continual changes.
  • Your grief will show itself in all aspects of your life – social, physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive.
  • Your grief reaction will depend on how you perceive the loss.
  • You will grieve for many things (both symbolic and tangible) and not just for the death itself.
  • You will grieve for your anticipated future – for the hopes, dreams and unfulfilledexpectations you held for and with that person.
  • Your loss might resurrect old issues, feelings and unresolved conflicts from the past. You may find yourself thinking of other losses.
  • You may feel angry, irritable, frustrated and have little tolerance for others.
  • You may feel very sad and experience weeping spells that seem to suddenly hit you.
  • You may feel guilt for things that you should / could / would have done and did not do.
  • You may become anxious about losing other people, your own well being and the well being of other loved ones.
  • You may experience waves or acute upsurges of grief that occur without warning.
  • You will likely experience poor concentration, forgetfulness, and have a hard time being present and focused on tasks at hand.
  • You may be preoccupied with thoughts of your deceased loved one.
  • You may feel flat and uninterested in things that once gave you joy.
  • You may find yourself searching for meaning and trying to understand what hashappened and why.
  • You will find that certain dates, events, seasons, places and other reminders will trigger upsurges in your grief.
  • Other people are well meaning but they either may not know what to say or do, or say or do things that are not very helpful. Identify who is a good listener / helper and turn to them when you need support.

References: Hospice Victoria Handout, adapted from “Grieving: How to go on Living When Someone you Love Dies” by T. Rando.

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