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Coastal Palliative Care

Supportive care, Palliative care and Hospice services for Coastal




In each of the main sections of the Services pages (chemotherapy, Palliative Care and Hospice ) you will find a list of helpful websites, reading material and downloadable brochures or leaflets.

On these pages we offer some general advice for both patients, their families and caregivers.

Family caregivers of BC has some excellent resources and quarterly newsletters.

We are also pleased to be able to share with you Record Me Now

Developed following 5 years’ research into what bereaved children wished they knew from or about the parent who died, this free app is for people to videorecord any messages for free and in private using their own computers and webcams.
RecordMeNow prompts you to answer questions to bring the most comfort to family, especially bereaved children. It prevents you from leaving questions unanswered and stories untold.  You may add or delete any questions to make it just right for you.

With the assistance of some amazing specialists, it has been developed for use by people whether they are healthy, in palliative stage of disease, or find using computers tricky…

It was developed from research with over 100 adults who were bereaved as children and it is already being used in 10 countries worldwide – It is due to be translated in Mandarin, Punjabi, French and Spanish soon.


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