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Coastal Palliative Care

Supportive care, Palliative care and Hospice services for Coastal


What is Hospice Care?

Hospice is a specialized form of palliative care explicitly for terminally ill patients who are facing imminent death. Choosing hospice care can be one of the most difficult decisions you and your family will face.

Hospice Care is a type of care and can be provided in any setting.  We recognize that most clients want to spend their last days at home in familiar surroundings, and hospice care can occur in the home.  Hospice care may also be provided in residential care facilities.

Hospice Care combines the psychological, social and spiritual aspects of care, helping patients to come to terms with their own death as fully and constructively as possible.

Hospice care offers a support system to help patients to live as actively as possible until death and also offers support for families and loved ones both during the patient’s illness and in bereavement.

Hospice care aims to provide maximum comfort and symptom control recognizing that no further life prolonging treatment will be beneficial. It respects the patient’s right to die with grace and dignity. Hospice Care accepts death as inevitable and neither seeks to hasten or prolong a patient’s dying.

Mission – who we are and How we help.

We are a team of care professionals, staff and volunteers that work in complimentary ways to help alleviate the physical, emotional and spiritual suffering of patients living with a life threatening or serious disease.

Through the provision of individual and family support, compassionate care, counselling, support groups and open and honest interactions, we proactively assist patients to live as independently and comfortably as possible.

Vision – What we aspire to achieve

We want patients and their families to live a more meaningful and more comfortable life as they prepare for death and loss.

Values – How we interact

We strive to foster and live by our own core values in every interaction with each other and with our patients and their families.

  • Trust: Patients trust that we have their best interests in mind. Our team trusts the judgement and contribution of each person
  • Empowerment: Patients, families and our team feel empowered to do the right thing to help ease suffering.
  • Respect: We are committed to individualised, intimate care that demonstrates respect for our patients’ values, history and needs. We constantly demonstrate respect for each others knowledge, strengths and contribution.
  • Holistic:  We see the patient as a whole person and pay equal attention to the physical, social and emotional needs. Our team takes an integrated approach with regular collaboration and information sharing.
  • Support: Patients, families and our team are cared for and supported at all times.

Don Stewart wrote and recorded “The Gate” in memory of a friend who passed away at LGH. We hope that this song brings hope and comfort to many.