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Coastal Palliative Care

Supportive care, Palliative care and Hospice services for Coastal


About The Hospice

There are four private rooms containing a washroom, telephone, entertainment system with cable and wireless internet, as well as ceiling lifts, electric beds and home-like furniture. The hospice is air-conditioned and all the bedrooms are of equal size.

A lounge provides a relaxing area for visiting, reading and dining. There are televisions and assorted media equipment for your enjoyment in the lounge. We ask that this area be kept free of music and loud noise except during hospice-organized events.

The hospice also has a unique sacred space, a counselling room and a large, multipurpose resource room. Families, guests and patients may use a small kitchenette for their individual needs.

In each room there is a wardrobe for patients’ personal clothing, a bedside locker, fully electric bed with ceiling lift, a sleeper couch and access to electric recliner chairs.

Each room is equipped with a Smart TV and a telephone. The hospice has wireless technology available in each room.
Family and visitors can bring their own laptops and devices to hospice. Free Wi-Fi is available.
All bedrooms have pull out couch for visitors. Visitors must inform the nurse in-charge if they intend to stay overnight. There is a private family shower room for visitors to use.

Visiting hours
Family and friends are welcome to visit at any time. Upon arrival visitors must sign in at the nursing station. The front door is always locked. Please either ring the bell to request entrance or you will be provided with an entry code for the keypad adjacent to the front door

Visitor parking
Free parking is available at the hospice.

Language, culture or religious affiliation
The facility’s population is multicultural and English is predominantly the spoken language. We can arrange for spiritual support for various denominations, or you may invite your own spiritual advisor to visit.

Food service
Three full meals are prepared daily, with snacks and access to beverages.
Visitors may dine with clients, please inquire with the nursing staff about ordering meals.

Housekeeping & laundry
Housekeeping and laundry are provided.

Pet policy
We cannot accommodate pets to stay; however, pets are welcome visitors and need to be in good general health (free of skin disease, ectoparasites), house-trained, good tempered, well-groomed and have documented up-to-date vaccinations.

Community amenities
The Sea to Sky Community Hospice is located a short distance from downtown Squamish where grocers, coffee shops and community facilities are available.