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Coastal Palliative Care

Supportive care, Palliative care and Hospice services for Coastal


Berkley Care Center – North Shore

The Berkley Care Center is a 189 bed residential care facility licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.
Berkely Care Center does not have any private pay beds. 172 beds are single room occupancy and Berkley offers extended care, special care and special care plus.

Berkley Care Center offers a hotel style, family room which may be booked at nominal cost for overnight stays for family members. The room is provided free of charge to family members during the hospice stage of a resident’s stay.

Berkley Care Center also has a “Daisy Room-Sacred Space” which will help create more positive feelings around end of life, and also provides a chance for residents, families and staff connected with Berkley Care Center, to create some memorable experiences, and access resources, to assist in the grieving process.


A “Sacred Space” is a room where a person can be quiet, go inside, and get centered. It is an inspiring space for rituals, meditation or yoga — or just a place that helps a person feel more connected to what’s meaningful in their life.

The décor and furniture is carefully chosen to promote relaxation and or meditation.

Plants and flowers provide energy, color and increased oxygen. Lavender and purple symbolize spirituality, pink opens the heart, green brings in nature’s balance and yellow stimulates health.


As many residents spend a number of years at Berkley Care Center we understand that strong relationships are formed, and when a resident passes away it has a psychological and emotional effect on the friends that they left  behind. Berkley Care Center staff ensure that these needs are met using open and sensitive discussions and regular celebration of life events.


You can book a tour of Berkley Care Center by sending an email request to: