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Coastal Palliative Care

Supportive care, Palliative care and Hospice services for Coastal


Palliative care in Squamish, BC

How does our program work?

The program includes community services, the residential facility Hilltop House, Squamish General Hospital inpatient unit, volunteer services and occasionally referral to lower mainland Hospices such as the North Shore Hospice, or other hospitals.

With the patient and their family at the center of the team, the team may include physicians, pharmacists, palliative care coordinator,  nurses, community health workers, chaplains or spiritual care providers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, Hospice volunteers, and counselors.
Palliative and Supportive care is provided in the home, hospital, or in a residential care facility.

Referral to the Squamish Palliative Care Program

Patients and families can request referral to this program from their physicians or other health care provider.
Any health provider can submit a referral on your behalf for enrolment in the Squamish Palliative Care Program. Download the referral form here –Squamish Palliative referral form.
All referrals are reviewed by our team as promptly as possible (usually the same day) and , if you are still living in your own home, you will be contacted by the Palliative Care Coordinator who can provide information on the program, determine what your current needs are and arrange to do a home visit. You may also be contacted by the intake nurse to help prioritize the referral and to make sure we have the correct contact information.

Care in the Community
The palliative care coordinator works with Home and Community Care team and other community resources. Patients enrolled with the palliative care program have access to various benefits when deemed appropriate by the team. These benefits may include funding for medication, wound care, incontinence supplies, equipment for the home, and home support. As we do not have a Hospice in our community, we work closely with the family to provide the care they need to enable them to keep their loved one at home.

Care in Squamish General Hospital(SGH)
Patients may be admitted to SGH for acute symptom management, or end of life care. A direct admission may be arranged by your own physician, the Palliative Care Coordinator (PCC) or the Home Care Nurse (HCN). Patients may also be admitted through the emergency department or from another hospital/emergency clinic. While in hospital your physician and the Palliative Care Coordinator will work with the acute care team to provide the care, support and referrals that you require.

Referral to Hospice Care
In some circumstances it may be desirable to request admission to a specific Hospice  (i.e. the North Shore Hospice). This can be arranged by the palliative care coordinator after consultation with you, your family, your physician and your care team.

Contact information

Squamish Hospice Society
The Squamish Hospice Society has a group of trained volunteers who provide compassionate care and emotional support in the community in a variety of settings-at home, in the hospital and in other care facilities.  These volunteers complement the health care team in providing information, assistance and support in order to enhance quality of life and dignity for patients and their families and friends.
A referral can be made by any member of the health care team, by the patient, a family or a friend by contacting the Hospice Coordinator at 604-848 5751 or emailing